(TM, 1967, Russia)

(illustration to works by A. Kazantsev, 1939-1956, Russia)

(art by Frank R. Paul, 1933)

(Fritz Lang’s famous «Metropolis» movie, 1927)

(images from Futurama and «Just Imagine» movie)

(image credit: Ryan Bliss, DigitalBlasphemy)

(cover TM, 1952, Russia)

(cover TM, 1954, Russia)

(TM, 1970, Russia)

(TM, 1967, Russia)

(art by Syd Mead, from his book «Sentinel»)

(image credit: Klaus Burgle)

(TM, 1975, Russia)

Ιπτάμενες πόλεις

(TM, 1971, Russia)

Δυτικό pulp

(image credit: Klaus Burgle)

(image credit: Plan59)

(art by Arthur C. Radebaugh)

Illustration by Joe Tillotson, to «Robot: Unwanted» by Daniel Keyes
Other Worlds, June 1952

(cover, Urania 1959, Italy)

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