The OST movement was founded in 1925 in Moscow. Its founders were a group of VKhUTEMAS students, who had studied in David Shterenberg’s workshop. Among the founders were: Yu.Annenkov, A.Deineka, P.Williams, N.Denisovsky, S.Kostin, A.Labas, Yu.Pimenov and D.Shterenberg, who was chosen as chairman. The nucleus of this movement has formed following the «First discussion exhibition of the unions of active revolutionary art», which has taken place in 1924. It included members of the following three groups:

  • Projectionism: S.Luchishkin, S.Nikritin, K.Red’ko, N.Tryaskin, A.Tyshler;
  • Concretivism: P.Wiliams, K.Vialov, V.Lyushin, Yu. Merkulov;
  • Group of the Three: A.Deineka, Yu.Pimenov; A.Goncharov.

At the time a passionate debate was going on about the nature of art; its purpose; its place in society; the role of the artist. Many artistic movements and groups actively sought to distance themselves from the pure art, from easel and and painting, and to direct their activity in the industrial arena. The artists of the forming OST group were opposed to that outlook, and to further stress their opposition the name of the group was chosen to reflect their approach: Obschestvo Stankovistov (the Society of Easel-Painters). The purpose these artists have assigned for their art was reflecting of the typical Soviet reality in various aspects of life.

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Y.Pimenov 1927
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Labas A 1928

A.Deyneka 1926

Bushinskii S 1928

П.Вильямс 1930

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Luchishkin, S 1926